15/02/2023 – Innovation

Archroma is introducing a color innovation

Archroma decided to look at the issue of textile waste creatively: what if it could create colors from waste fashion?


The dyes are especially suited for cellulose fibers. © 2023 Archroma


Archroma upcycles textile waste into colors. © 2023 Archroma


According to earth.org, 92 million tons of textile waste is produced every year, leading to land and water pollution impacting first and foremost local communities.

Archroma, a company who creates colors for fashion, is now introducing the “FiberColors*” technology. With this technology, Archroma upcycles textile waste into colors, which are synthesized from a minimum content of 50 % waste-based raw material. The company from Switzerland had already developed a way to turn waste from the herbal and food industry into its range of “EarthColors” featured by brands such as G-Star, Patagonia, Esprit, Tom Taylor, Pangaia, UGG, and Primark.

The “FiberColors*” range, which is patent-pending, includes five dyes: Diresul Fiber-Teak (brown shades), Diresul Fiber-Ochre (olive shades), Diresul Fiber-Maroon (bordeaux shades), Diresul Fiber-Slate (blue grey shades) and Diresul Fiber-Graphite (dark grey shades).

The dyes are especially suited for cellulose fibers such as cotton, viscose, linen and kapok, and can be used in continuous, exhaust, denim and garment dyeing and printing processes.

Forward-thinking companies who want to help find a solution to textile landfills may find a solution in these colors.