CHT appreciates the effort of ZDHC to manage textile chemicals along the complete value chain by one global systematic approach. © CHT

06/12/2019 – A step towards globally sustainable textile production

A step towards globally sustainable textile production

CHT Group joins ZDHC as Contributor

CHT Group became a Value Chain Contributor of the ZDHC Foundation, effective by July 2019. By  Iris Schlomski

Uday Gill: “We celebrate our products’ performance and proudly acknowledge their sustainability with our new premium brand DEJA whose sustainable messaging will resonate with both our converters and their customers.” © Indorama

04/11/2019 – 100 Prozent rPET

100 Prozent rPET

Indorama Ventures announces the launch of DEJA

IVL’s new 100 percent rPET fibre brand DEJA is available in various forms such as recycled flake, pellet, fiber and filament for use in multiple applications. By  Iris Schlomski

Fadex AS New has been developed in compliance with “The Archroma Way: safe, efficient, enhanced, it’s our nature”. © Archroma

14/10/2019 – New, advanced light fastness improver in car interiors

New, advanced light fastness improver in car interiors

Super UV protector by Archroma

Fadex AS New is a “super UV protector” to make automotive and transportation textiles even more resistant to light. By  Iris Schlomski

Toray Industries, Inc. has developed a polyimide material suitable for electronic components used in 5G1 communications and for millimeter-wave radar. © Toray Industries, Inc.

09/07/2019 – Toray


The future is 5G!

Toray develops low-dielectric-loss polyimide material for electronic components in 5G communications and millimeter-wave radar. By  Iris Schlomski