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Greater Accessibility to CAD for Designers

AccuMark Subscription Plan Gives Greater Accessibility to CAD for Designers


AccuMark - Grading (Photo: Gerber Technology)


AccuMark - Pattern Design (Photo: Gerber Technology)

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Gerber Technology is proud to announce that AccuMark is now available as a monthly subscription plan. The plan is offered in 3-month subscription increments.

Mary McFadden, executive director, CAD Product Management at Gerber Technology said, “We are thrilled to announce the introduction of AccuMark offered as a subscription. With lower up-front costs, companies of all sizes can take advantage of the industry-leading CAD software and enjoy the full functionality of AccuMark with product support.”

McFadden continued, “Not only does this new subscription plan offer expanded accessibility, it also expands user flexibility. Companies can accommodate seasonal demands and requirements through shorter commitment durations with full access to AccuMark during their subscription.”

The introduction of AccuMark as a subscription coincides with the release of AccuMark 10.2 that brings along improvements to its 3D capabilities and AccuPlan™. Now, more complex garments can be visualized more accurately thanks to an improved fabric engine that allows for increased material and physics parameters. In addition, users are able to use new design tools that allow for the creation of design lines directly on the 3D avatar. Additionally, AccuPlan now imports work orders from ERP systems, streamlining overall garment workflow.

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