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Assyst and X-Rite Pantone announce cooperation

3D is a key technology for the digitalization in the apparel industry – the simulation of clothing offers a lot of opportunities.


Bekanntgabe der Zusammenarbeit von Assyst und X-Rite Pantone auf dem Fashion Forum 2018. Dr. Andreas Seidl, Human Solutions Group, Dr. Tobias Rausch and Dr. Francis Lamy X-Rite Europe GmbH © Human Solutions


For best simulation results, Assyst and X-Rite Pantone announce their soon starting cooperation, which will combine Assyst’s leading 3D simulation software for apparel with X-Rite Pantone’s outstanding appearance capture solution.

For the most realistic simulation of apparel

At Assyst’s Fashion Forum 2018 in Munich, the two companies introduce their cooperation for the first time. "We want to continuously expand our pioneering role in 3D clothing simulation," says Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO of Human Solutions Group. "The collaboration with X-Rite Pantone will take material presentation in Vidya to a new level of reality." For this reason, X-Rite’s Total Appearance Capture (TAC) Ecosystem will be integrated into Assyst’s 3D-software Vidya.

Much more than just color

“Total appearance is much more than just color. It is the visual sensation through which an object is perceived. It encompasses not only color but size, texture, gloss, transparency and opacity”, explains Dr. Francis Lamy, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of X-Rite Pantone. “Traditionally, the capture and virtual rendering of material appearance has been a challenging and time-consuming manual process. TAC’s precise measurements of physical materials ensure that visual appearance can be presented digitally without manual tweaks, freeing designers to unleash their creativity. With TAC, each step of the product development process – from marketing to production – has access to truly physically correct digital materials, ensuring consistency of presentation.”