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28/03/2018 – Lectra — auf Deutsch lesen

Laser airbag cutting solution FocusQuantum

To take its operations to the next level, Global Safety Textiles (GST) took part in joint testing with Lectra.


“We long anticipated the launch of a new generation of laser airbag technologies from Lectra. Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to test it on our premises and provide input to improve and perfect the new solution.” Christophe Dervyn GST CEO © Lectra


To take its operations to the next level, GST took part in joint testing with Lectra, enabling definition of its specifications for worldwide deployment of next-generation laser airbag cutting solution FocusQuantum.

Global Safety Textiles (GST)

Global Safety Textiles (GST) is the leading independent producer of airbag fabric and airbag cushions and supplier to the majority of airbag manufacturers.

Recognized for its long tradition of research and development, GST uses stateof- the-art technology to manufacture technical textiles for a variety of passive safety applications.

With operations on four continents, the German group has a workforce of more than 5,000. The company’s worldwide operations and resources enable it to fulfill high volumes of orders promptly, providing the global automotive industry with a steady supply of airbag fabrics and cushions. To address GST’s main business challenges and meet their demanding manufacturing specifications, the group evaluated the performance of FocusQuantum OPW for one-piece-woven (OPW) airbag fabric together with Lectra in the pre-launch phase of the advanced laser airbag cutting solution. Following successful testing of Lectra’s advanced airbag cutting technology in a real production environment in Poland, the group then decided to acquire FocusQuantum OPW for implementation in China.

Unique partnership

The unique partnership enabled Lectra to test its revolutionary laser-cutting technology in a real production environment while delivering sustainable competitive advantage to the world’s leading supplier of airbag cushions.