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Active support of the S&OP ecosystem in the fashion industry

The growing importance of e-commerce is having a significant impact on the fashion and luxury industry.


sedApta Suite is a software and hardware solution to optimize processes across the supply chain. © sedApta


New international markets with possible peaks in demand as well as rapidly changing buying habits require an acceleration of the production chain in order to shorten the time to market. The fashion and luxury industry also faces enormous challenges due to customer-specific expectations.

For example, customers expect consistent inventory in physical stores compared to e-commerce trends in local markets. However, the diversity of distribution channels increases the degree of demand variability, so a multi-channel distribution approach requires consistent inventory management across all channels.

E-commerce also dramatically increases the number of returns. Effective returns management helps maintain a constant inventory level.

 Key elements influencing the supply chain:

  • Promote decision making: Fluctuations in demand require immediate response times. Data monitoring is fundamental to this.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Channel and market managers (wholesale, retail, e-commerce) need to collaborate to get a more consistent forecast.
  • Centralized and effective inventory management: In order to serve markets and channels according to demand, efficient inventory management becomes necessary for the service expected by the customer.
  • Demand alignment of production and purchasing: Production and purchasing must adapt to the speed and localization of demand, with production platforms, logistics, and suppliers distributed by market.
  • Accelerating the transfer of finished goods through the multi-channel model: Acceleration is necessary to bring the product closer to the demanded market/channel. This is especially important in Luxury.

In the Fashion and Luxury segment, a competitive supply chain ensures that work processes are responsive to disruptive events such as fluctuations in demand or changing localization. The intent is to guarantee delivery with low time-to-market while meeting profit margin targets.

Keeping the supply chain competitive

The sedApta Suite is a software and hardware solution for Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) in the context of Industry 4.0, designed and developed as an integrated and orchestrated suite of modules that communicate with each other to optimize processes across the supply chain for both S&OP and MOM as well as transform the concept of Sales & Execution.

Through the three pillars of the sedApta Digital Backbone (Orchestrator, Skillaware, Analytics), companies can also orchestrate tasks within their workflow, train and support their staff in real-time, and run performance analytics.

Agile collaboration between different stakeholders, the ability to quickly generate simulated scenarios and the guaranteed planning reliability with simultaneous measurability, are at the forefront of this solution.

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