14/11/2022 – Supply chain transparency — auf Deutsch lesen

Tracking the supply chain with EcoTrac app

Maxim Korte has developped an App, which provides information about the production status of the product and/or about the materials used.


With the EcoTrac app, companies can trace their supply chain back to its origin. © Maxim Korte


The EcoTrac app works by simply scanning a QR code. The sustainable, woven, personalized QR code is made of recycled polyester yarn. With EcoTrac, companies can trace their supply chain, from the first step to the final product. The brand owner as well as the end consumer get 100% transparency over the complete supply chain.

Maxim Korte is a specialist for woven labels and woven tapes, most of which come from its own production. The company focuses on sustainability – from raw materials to delivery. Several modern looms or weaving machines are used at the company’s headquarters in Schwelm, Germany.