26/08/2021 – OrganIQ EMS Jeans

Sustainable jeans finishing

With the next generation, CHT’s OrganIQ family becomes a modular system: The OrganIQ EMS Jeans, which means Ecological Modular System for Jeans treatment.


The OrganIQ EMS Jeans System avoids any toxic impact to wastewater. © CHT/Shutterstock


“Ecology” is an essential part of the system. All products of the OrganIQ family are part of this system and were developed on the highest ecological level. The bleaching agents are purely organic and completely biodegradable.

A common Jeans treatment involves the use of Potassium Permanganate, Chlorine and Pumice Stones. Permanganate has a highly toxic impact to wastewater and is classified as CMR substances. Chlorine gives a high pollution to the wastewater as well. Both needs separate Neutralization steps for which the use of additional, critical chemicals is needed in most of the cases. Pumice Stones have not an endless resource and are creating huge amounts of slush in the wastewater. With the OrganIQ EMS Jeans System almost every denim finish can be realized without all these highly critical resources.

Together with water saving nebulization technologies, extremely low water consumptions can also be achieved. Due to this technology, all relevant treatments are at room temperature which is another benefit regarding energy saving.

CHT’s system is based on several modules and every module corresponds to a treatment step. These steps can be mixed and matched in various ways and different orders to achieve the desired target.