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Bangladesh: Growing textile industry

Bangladesh´s Farmers prefer short season crops which enables them to harvest more crops in a year. Selecting cotton for cultivation is not widely popular


Bangladesh imports cotton from 42 countries around the world © Denim Expert


In MY 2018/19 planted area is forecast to rise to 44,000 hectares (HA) and cotton production is raised by 2.4 percent to 128,000 bales assuming yield remains the same. Bangladesh primarily produces American Upland (Gossypium hirsutum) and Tree (Gossypium arboreum) cotton that represent 95 and 5 percent of total production, respectively.

 In MY 2018/19 yarn and fabric production levels are both projected to increase by 3.3 percent to 780,000 tons and 4.75 billion meters on expectation of increased industrial capacity through modernization and the resumption of production in government-owned textile mills through reinvestment by public-private partnership.

 Bangladesh currently has 425 spinning mills, 796 textile weaving mills, 240 dyeing and finishing mills, and around a total 6,502 registered and 527 unregistered garment and textile factories.

In MY 2018/19 raw cotton consumption is expected to rise to 7.7 million bales, assuming that demand by textile mills will increase and RMG industries will be better able to meet export market quality and quantity requirements.

 In MY 2018/19 cotton imports are forecast up to 7.9 million bales on expectations of increased export market demand for value-added products.

Bangladesh imports cotton from 42 countries around the world

Among them, India (26%) and Uzbekistan (16%) take the largest share of volume, followed by USA (9%), Mali (8%), Australia (7%) and Turkmenistan (7%). Nearly 80 percent of garments made in Bangladesh are sourced from cotton.

 The GOB through the Ministry of Labor is working intensively with the International Labor Organization (ILO) to improve safety conditions in the RMG sector. In the safety remediation program, a total of 3,780 garment factories were assessed (4,795 industries are in operation) under GOB and international initiatives.

 Source: USDA/FAS Gain Report April 2018 / Bremen Cotton Report 17/18