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Koppermann: Technological concept for the textile process chain

Koppermann has been developing joined-up all-in-one software solutions for the clothing industry and trade for more than 20 years.

Koppermann integrates a new dimension into its solution: Professional product photography and product visualization Photo: Koppermann

Koppermann integrates a new dimension into its solution: Professional product photography and product visualization Photo: Koppermann


This wealth of experience provides the experts of the clothing, footwear and accessory industries with efficient and sustainable support for their daily collection work: from the very first planning right up to the final visualization on the shop floor. Today, Koppermann can integrate a new dimension into its solution: Professional product photography and product visualization. For in particular in the clothing industry, the success of a collection often stands and falls with the first-class presentation of the fashion creations toward the end customer.

"The constant shortening of product life cycles means that companies always have to accelerate and optimize their processes. Fast product photography which can be realized in-house without difficulty is therefore an essential factor in today's collection development," explains Andreas Lachner, managing partner at Koppermann.

Koppermann and PackshotCreator - the market leader in automated photo studio solutions - have concluded a strategic partnership to meet these industry challenges. Packshot-Creator and Koppermann will be combining their strengths to ensure a seamless complete solution for their customers: Perfect product photography and photo-realistic visual merchandising on the shop floor. This Franco-German cooperation now finally also includes an independent product, the "Lumina-Pad for Koppermann".

Laurent Wainberg, founder of Packshot-Creator, reports: "Product visualization offers a number of added value options in different strategic stages, from the analysis, the conceptualization and the organization to the marketing and communication. Since 2006 we have concluded thousands of successful projects with German companies who have optimized their photographic workflows. Today, we want to provide further support with innovative tools for the fashion industry."

The "Lumina-Pad for Koppermann" is the all-in-one solution for the preparation of brilliant photo shots, for example of pieces of clothing, fashion accessories or small leather goods.

This photographic innovation offers background lighting, perfect color reproduction, simple use with a touch pad and automatic image processing functions. The shooting possibilities range from vertical shots to 360° shots, right up to ghost photography or laydown photography. The immediate production of the product photography naturally also takes place fully automatically even with complex materials such as fur or lace.

With the "Lumina-Pad for Koppermann", companies can now rely on high-quality product photos - taken fast and at optimized costs in-house. The innovative technology can naturally also be integrated seamlessly into the total Koppermann solution, from the database oriented PLM solution up to the final 3D visualization of the models on the shop floor.

Thomas Janiszewski, Marketing Manager for D, A and CH at Koppemann reports, "It is also an interesting option for our customers to have a 360 degree view of their products to be able to market them with maximum efficiency. For a successful product presentation is incredibly relevant in particular in the creative and ephemeral fashion industry.

We are particularly proud of the possibility this innovative system and its numerous functions offer for a real simplification and acceleration of photo production - whether for photos for print media, the web or with or without zoom. The high-quality product photos are ready for use for all purposes of the textile chain within just a few minutes."

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