27/08/2021 – Virtual 2-in-1 try-on solution

3DLook has launched YourFit

3DLook has launched the first 3D solution that offers photorealistic virtual try-on functionality combined with highly accurate size recommendations.


Brands that use YourFit have decreased return rates by up to 48%, while increasing conversion by four times year over year. © 3DLook


The 2-in-1 solution is the first on the market that can answer the two primary questions that shoppers face when purchasing clothing online: Will this fit me? And will this look good on me? It enables fashion and apparel brands to provide a superior, personalized e-commerce experience.

  • The try-on solution is unique in its ability to produce an output that not only looks realistic in the resulting snapshots but also faithfully reproduces the measurements of the shopper, unlike other solutions that roughly overlay a photo of a garment over the shopper’s photo.

Brands have the option of offering the complete capabilities of the solution or incorporating stand-alone try-on or size and fit recommendations.

High detail 3D simulation

On the back-end, the solution extracts important features of the user’s body, such as body contour, body shape and position, from the customer’s photos and creates an accurate 3D avatar. The solution detects specific body parts (head, neck, shoulders, forearm and ankle) and captures details of the user’s appearance, such as haircut and skin tone, which are superimposed on the avatar. Then, the technology uses photos of clothes to imitate their 3D versions and fits them onto the 3D avatar, instantly displaying a resulting image to the consumer. Additionally, the shopper’s body data is matched with product data to generate size recommendations.

  • The solution utilizes photos of clothing taken directly from brands’ product pages, which makes it easy for brands to scale the technology and save time and resources, since there is no need for them to create digital copies of their collections in 3D.

Next version is underway

Vadim Rogovskiy, CEO and co-founder of 3DLook: “This highly anticipated solution allows consumers to see a photorealistic simulation of how clothes will fit and look on their own body and combines that with personalized size and fit recommendations. Our customers have requested this combination of features and we’re already developing the next version of our immersive try-on technology, which will take into account how different fabrics move and drape on individuals and show users how clothing will fit them in any position and on any background.”