04/12/2019 – Sourcing model of the future — auf Deutsch lesen

Jeanologia is revolutionizing production and sales

At ITMA 2019 the company Jeanologia presented its production model that marks the beginning of a new era in the textile industry.


The company currently employs 220 Jeanologist from 24 nationalities and has clients in five continents through its ten subsidiaries. © Jeanologia


The operational model delivers five fundamental benefits to the textile industry: it is eco-efficient, cost neutral, scalable, agile and digital; connecting design, production and consumer.

Combining the company’s hardware and software, it connects all its technology to achieve a production that is 100% ecological without compromising product authenticity and adapting to the new market needs.

Enrique Silla, CEO at Jeanologia:

“For the first time in history we have the necessary technology that allows us to make short and fast series making it possible to produce what sells instead of selling what is produced.”

Benefits for the textile industry

The new sourcing model developed at Jeanologia is completely eco-efficient as it has taken environmental impact into account throughout the product development.

It is easily scalable. By being fully connected, it is possible to design and produce with zero environmental impact in any location in the world.

It is agile. By simplifying processes, it changes how things are produced, making it easier to adjust supply and demand, revolutionizing production.

It is cost neutral. For the same price you can get a better and more sustainable product, as well as recovering the investment.

It is digital. Moving from an analogic to a digital model, creating a true revolution in the textile world. The connectivity makes it possible for all stages in the supply chain to work together using the same standards regardless of geographic location.

Enrique Silla:

“We have the perfect set of technologies to dehydrate and detoxify the world’s most consumed product – jeans – within the next five years.”

From fabric to garment finishing

Laundry 5.Zero is the first garment finishing plant that guarantees zero pollution and achieves a saving of 85 percent in water. This operational center produces sustainably on an industrial scale by efficiently combining the technologies Laser, G2 ozone, e-Flow, Smart Boxes and the first water recycling system H2Zero; eliminating all the processes that are harmful for workers and the environment.