07/06/2023 – CHT — auf Deutsch lesen

The “Bezaktiv One” reactive dye range

With the new reactive dye range, CHT aims to meet the highest demands on ecology and sustainability and to cover contemporary market and customer requirements for innovative dyes.


The advantages of the new dyeing process become particularly apparent with medium and dark colors. © CHT-Group


According to CHT, “Bezeaktiv One” enables cost-efficient dyeing processes with less dye and salt, brings excellent wash-out behavior that allows short rinsing processes at low temperatures and is particularly suitable for long-lasting textiles due to its good multiple wash fastness. The basis for the development of the new reactive dye was the increased ecological demands on dyeing processes. With “Bezaktiv One”, the company aims to ensure a minimum number of rinsing baths, and generally lower temperatures in the dyeing, rinsing and soap baths, thus enabling savings in water and energy consumption. For example, the new dyes can be dyed, rinsed, and soaped between 40 °C and 60 °C. According to the company, the advantages of the new process are particularly evident with medium and dark shades, because the combination of a high degree of fixation and good color build-up means that only small dye input quantities need to be used to achieve good results.