22/07/2020 – FACT - FAshion Community Talk — auf Deutsch lesen

Topic: Color Design & Development Monitoring

Digital color design has long been one of the exciting opportunities of digitalization for the fashion industry. Now, in times of the corona crisis, every digital solution and implementation of manual tasks also means the possibility of maintaining processes and adapting to current conditions. Bob Chin, Director Business & Process Management Innovation of Under Armour USA, and Christoph Bergmann, Co-Founder of Natific, talk more about this topic in episode 9 of FACT and show the added value of digital Color Design & Development Monitoring for them.


Bob Chin and Christoph Bergmann explain in the video how American companies deal with the topic of color innovations. © FACT screenshot


FACT - FAshion Community Talk is a video series and a joint initiative of Dialog Textil Bekleidung and Setlog. © screnshot FACT


What is FACT?

The Fashion Community Talk is a video series in which we want to gather daily updated opinions from experts from the textile value chain and share them with the fashion community. According to the DTB motto "from practitioners for practitioners ".

Why was FACT brought into being?

- The Corona Pandemic has created the biggest crisis in textile value chains we have ever experienced,

- With Dramatic effects on all market participants from suppliers to retailers.

- Very dynamic developments with an open end. Change will remain the only constant.

- This creates great uncertainty and an enormous need for information.

- Personal contact with colleagues and business partners is also severely limited due to social distancing

The goals

- Sharing knowledge

- Exchange views

- Discuss problems

- Jointly showing solutions

- Creating confidence in the textile future

Who is behind FACT?

FACT is a joint initiative of Dialog Textil Bekleidung (www.dialog-dtb.de) and Setlog (www.setlog.com), it is supported by DTB member companies and network partners, who support their expertise as interview partners.

The series is moderated by Guido Brackelsberg, Managing Director of Setlog and Board Member of DTB.

Questions that are being answered:

During the last few months, how have you been managing your color development from home and have there been any challenges?

How did you overcome these challenges?

What changes have you seen as a result of the global situation that you think will remain in your process?

What practices and processes have influenced your mills ability to match your color palettes?

Interview Booking - Color Design & Development Monitoring

Company: Natific

Interview partner: Christoph Bergmann, Partner

Company: Under Armour USA

Interview partner: Bob Chin , Director, Business & Process Management, Innovation

You can watch the video here.