01/04/2022 – Narrow textiles — auf Deutsch lesen

High-tech textiles for safety and medical technology

Production and care, logistics and agriculture – people in these and many other industries work hard day after day. Exoskeletons offer them enormous relief in this regard.


Mechanical exoskeleton with premium components to relieve strain on the legs. © Jumbo-Textil


Body-hugging and flexible: the micro-hook-and-loop ready elastic tape offers highest wearing comfort. © Jumbo-Textil


In rehabilitation, the innovative ‘power suits’ from Jumbo-Textil help patients expand their motor capabilities and extend their mobility. The central component of the exoskeleton is elastic narrow textiles.

Exoskeletons need skin-friendly components. Depending on the model and ambient temperature, exoskeletons are also worn directly on the skin. This is why Jumbo-Textil does not compromise when it comes to wearing comfort: whether elasticated hook-and-loop belts or slip-proof woven tapes, the surface of the textiles is pleasantly soft. To prevent moisture accumulating, the textiles are always permeable to air. Further more, they are free from harmful substances and meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 PK1.

Jumbo-Textil’s elastics are also suitable for replacing heavier parts made of or containing plastic or metal. For example, they replace springs, buckles or other fasteners.

The company’s production technology is always state-of-the-art. This allows for very different, and complex stable textile structures – from elastic buttonhole braids to multi-branched elastic hole cords.