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Testex: Livipro protective mask achieved Testex Community Mask label

The Livipro Community Mask from Universal Reusable Packaging GmbH (UNREPA) has successfully passed the tests for the Testex Community Mask label.


Livipro Community Masks from the Swiss company Universal Reusable Packaging GmbH (UNREPA) are now available. © Universal Reusable Packaging


Together with Empa, Testex has refined a test whereby textile masks are being evaluated on their filter function, splash resistance, wear comfort, reusability and additionally, their textile tolerance. Community masks that have passed these tests based on the recommendations of the Swiss National Covid-19 Science Task Force, are carrying the Testex Community Mask label. The label gives consumers clarity and at the same time serves as a quality standard for manufacturers.

  • The fabric mask is reusable and provides adequate protection against viruses and bacteria even after 20 washes by combining the high safety levels of a respirator mask with a hygiene mask.

  • The textile mask is equipped with three different layers, which protect the wearer from infection.

  • The first layer is used to repel viruses and bacteria and to create the most hostile environment for them as possible.

  • This is followed by the so-called labyrinth layer, which, due to its complex structure, prevents aerosol droplets from penetrating any further.

  • The last layer again fights off viruses and bacteria, and has an additional integrated nose clip, which ensures that the mask fits perfectly.

CEO and owner of Unrepa GmbH, Pascal Eggmann:

"We deliberately opted for this structure and the three-layer structure. This means that the mask can be washed and reused up to 20 times without losing its protective function. We are proud to have achieved the Testex Community Mask label and to be able to offer our customers an officially tested, high-quality and sustainable protective mask."

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