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Textile solutions for every camper van model

If you are a camper on the road, you have a lot of things with you: from toothpaste to coffee cups. Textile holder systems help you stow everything away quickly and, once stowed, everything stays in place.


Jumbo-Textil offers campers premium textile storage and fastening solutions. © Jumbo-Textil


Elasticated woven tape from Jumbo-Textil as a non-slip universal holder. © Jumbo-Textil

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As a specialist for elasticated narrow textiles, Jumbo-Textil develops storage and fastening solutions for the interiors of camper vans.

Elasticated cords help campers quickly stow and remove items in and from compartments. At the same time, they safely restrain everything during braking manoeuvres and in bends. The hole cords do without additional fasteners made of metal or plastic.

Documents, maps and other utensils are in view at all times with the non-slip elasticated tapes and stowed in a way that prevents slipping – whether on centre consoles, folding tables or folding seat backs.

For the stowage compartments, Jumbo-Textil offers a combination tape made of elasticated and non-elasticated woven tape, a high-quality, durable closure solution that works quietly and adds virtually no extra weight.

  • Jumbo-Textil has been a reliable partner to the automotive industry for many decades. Narrow textiles for the vehicle industry meet automotive-specific requirements and strict standards as a matter of course. Jumbo-Textil meets the product-specific requirements with an individual fastening solution specially for the project in question.