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Das Kernteam von Eeden besteht neben den Gründern und Gesellschaftern Steffen Gerlach (CEO, links) und Reiner Mantsch (CTO, rechts) aus Julian Hertrampf (CMO), Tobias Börnhorst (Verfahrenstechnik) und Lennart Marx (Chemieingenieurwesen). © Eeden

16/08/2022 – In eigener Sache

In eigener Sache

Rückblick unserer Branche – KW 32/2022

Hier stellen wir die Top-Artikel aus der vergangenen Woche unserer deutschen und englischen Website vor. Der meistgelesene Beitrag kommt aus der Rubrik ... By  Editorial staff

Benjamin Mayer (left) and Sebastian Mayer (right) are receiving the award from Ranga Yogeshwar in Frankfurt/Main at the SMB summit. © Mayer & Cie.

05/08/2022 – Top 100 award

Top 100 award

A pioneer in digitalization

Mayer & Cie. has been named a Top 100 award-winner for the third time as one of Germany’s most innovative small and mid-range businesses. By  Sibylle Michel

Precision in production. © Mayer & Cie

11/05/2021 – Advert


Technical Textiles, Circular-Knitted, Please!

Circular-knitted fabric is versatile, both in classical and in technical textile uses. Circular-knitted technical textiles are used, for example, as a ... By  Editorial staff

For a high-quality end product with an extra-fine feel, an optimum combination of yarns, needles and circular knitting machines is required. © Groz-Beckert

04/03/2021 – Knits finer than E32

Knits finer than E32

VDMA Webtalk: The fine gauge rule

Representatives from Mayer & Cie., Groz-Beckert and Thies talked about Dos and Don’ts for circular knitted fabrics finer than E32. by Claudia Bitzer By  Editorial staff

“We see a great deal of potential and have every intention of putting it to use, albeit with moderation and targets.” Sebastian Mayer is in charge of corporate development at the circular knitting machine company, so taking digitization forward at the family-owned firm is one of his core responsibilities. © Mayer & Cie.

10/05/2019 – Mayer & Cie.

Mayer & Cie.

Digitization as a challenge and an opportunity

Mayer & Cie. sees in smart solutions an opportunity to continue to be a step ahead of the competition. By  Editorial staff

Host Ranga Yogeshwar (centre) handed over the Top 100 award to Marcus Mayer Mayer, Sebastian Mayer and Benjamin Mayer (from left) © KD Busch / compamedia

10/08/2018 – Mayer & Cie.

Mayer & Cie.

Top 100 award for the second time

Successful title defence for Mayer & Cie.: Circular knitting machine manufacturer receives Top 100 award for the second time. By  Editorial staff

"Based on our long experience as a OEM supplier of Mayer & Cie, we have managed the perfect adjustments to reach the latest demands of the markets". Produkt example by Mayer & Cie. (Relanit 3.2) © Mayer & Cie.

27/07/2018 – Kern-Liebers


New Generation of Relanit Sinkers

Kern-Liebers Textile developed a new generation of Relanit Sinkers which fully meets the latest requirements of the market. By  Editorial staff