Now published! First issue of textile network this year. © Meisenbach Verlag

29/03/2023 – On our own behalf

On our own behalf

New issue textile network 1/23

The wait is over. It's finally here, the first issue of textile network 2023: With industry news, interesting topics and a surprise. By  Daniel Keienburg

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07/11/2022 – textile network 4/2022

textile network 4/2022

The new issue is out!

In our issue 4/2022 everything revolves around sustainability in the textile chain, opportunities for textile recycling, functional textiles and textile ... By  Sibylle Michel

Our first issue of the year: Now with a new structure and new sections! © Meisenbach Verlag

14/03/2022 – textile network

textile network

The new issue is available now!

There’s more to read and to see in our first issue of the year: It comes with an extended scope, a new structure and an additional section! By  Sibylle Michel