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The study has shown size-related product returns 76% lower than market average, marking a vital step in 3DLOOK’s mission to reduce fashion’s environmental footprint. © 3DLook

02/12/2022 – Virtual fitting room

Virtual fitting room

YourFit achieves 47% lower return rate

3DLook has achieved a 47% lower return rate for size-related reasons in a 6-months case study in partnership with internet-famous TA3 SWIM. By  Sibylle Michel

Social and personalized shopping experience applying virtual fitting room technology from Walmart’s acquisition of Zeekit. © Walmart

29/11/2022 – Modelling clothing with customers’ photos

Modelling clothing with customers’ photos

Walmart introduces virtual try-on technology

Multinational retail corporation Walmart Inc, upgrades consumer experience for fashion and apparel through AI-powered virtual try-on technology. By  Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh