14/05/2024 – AI-powered virtual try-on technology

Zyler wins “Virtual Fitting Room Innovation of the Year”

Anthropics Technology, a provider of AI fashion try-on solutions, is proud to announce that its Zyler virtual try-on technology has won the “Virtual fitting Room Innovation of the Year” award at the 2024 Retail Tech Breakthrough Awards.


Zyler is transforming fashion retail with an AI-powered virtual try-on solution for its clients´ websites. © Zyler


Reducing returns and enhancing customer satisfaction

Almost half of shoppers are disappointed with how clothes look on them at home, compared to the website model. The virtual try-on solution from Zyler enables shoppers to try on clothing on the screen – without a physical product. Retailers using Zyler technology have seen an increase in browsing time and engagement as well as reduced returns. Zyler´s partners include John Lewis Fashion Rental, Moss, and Larusmiani among other fashion brands. This award honors Zyler´s innovation and contribution to the fashion retail industry. It enables customers to virtually try on clothing from any device, providing a seamless and accurate clothing try-on experience without a physical item. This innovative technology allows users to visualize how outfits will look on them, offering a personalized shopping experience that enhances customer satisfaction and reduces returns for retailers.

Award-winning innovation

The Retail Tech Breakthrough Awards recognize top companies, technologies, and products in the retail industry. This year, thousands of nominations were received from all over the world. Anthropics Technology joins a distinguished list of winners, including UPS, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Advatix, Berkshire Grey, Happy Returns, GK Software, Manhattan Associates, Panasonic Connect, and other leading companies and startups in the retail technology industry.“We are honored to receive this prestigious award,” said Alexander Berend, CEO of Anthropics Technology. “Zyler virtual try-on represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology to create innovative solutions that improve fashion retail experience and customer journey.”