15/03/2022 – Software for the supply chain — auf Deutsch lesen

Enhanced SCM software OSCA

Software company Setlog will present its enhanced SCM software OSCA at the Stuttgart intralogistics trade fair LogiMAT, May 31 – June 2, 2022.


With the SCM software OSCA, companies can manage their global supply chains and suppliers. © Setlog


In Hall 7 Booth C61, the supply chain experts from Bochum will demonstrate the IT tool's five solutions. The software has been adapted to new realities and market requirements helping companies find digital solutions for their processes more precisely. Third-party systems can now be connected to OSCA even more easily than before, bringing overall deeper transparency into value chains. The tool is used by more than 150 brands worldwide. The goal is to break down silos and avoid media discontinuities. Standardized API interfaces allow data to be exchanged with ERP, TMS, WMS and other systems without a duplication of maintenance and redundancies.

Over the course of time, specialists have further developed OSCA so that users can also manage several tiers of upstream suppliers with the tool. The software now brings transparency up to Tier-8. “In the apparel industry, for example, with our software we are now able to advance all the way to the farmer who harvests cotton,” explains Ralf Duester, a member of Setlog’s board of directors.