14/07/2020 – Elastics for health protection — auf Deutsch lesen

Jumbo-Textil: Premium narrow textiles for protective masks and face shields

A good part of the orders lost due to the pandemic was compensated by elastic tapes for respiratory protection articles.


Secure fastening of face shields and face masks – with elastic narrow textiles from Jumbo-Textil. © Jumbo-Textil


Many companies – from small businesses to well-known automotive groups – produced breathing protection products for use as personal protective equipment (PPE) at short notice. The narrow textiles for fastening this PPE were also supplied by Jumbo-Textil. The Jumbo teams – working under the difficult conditions of strict hygiene rules – fulfilled all the enquiries and orders quickly and reliably. Elastics were in demand for a wide range of respiratory protection products – from (non-medical) face masks to medical PPE products and face shields (plastic visors).

Jumbo-Textil has delivered over 1.5 mn metres of elastics for protective masks or visors since the beginning of April.

Particularly strong, high-quality and length-adjustable rubber tapes are required especially for the comparatively heavy face shields. Such as braided elastic with buttonholes by Jumbo-Textil. The buttonholes are already worked in during the braiding process. This means that you can rely on the braids. Frequent putting on and taking off and adjusting the length, perspiration, moisture, disinfectants – braided elastic with buttonholes is made precisely for such demands. It lies particularly flush and is supple. This enhances the wearing comfort – an important feature for a product that is often worn for eight hours or more. Whether in hospitals, at industrial plants, or in the catering trade...

Donation for local health protection

Rubber tape or braids without buttonholes are ideal for everyday masks. But these were scarce at the beginning of the outbreak. When Lebenshilfe Ennepe-Ruhr/Hagen e.V. decided to sew face masks for employees in the residential and care sectors, Jumbo-Textil stepped in. The company donated several thousand metres of elastic narrow textiles to the self-help association for people with mental disabilities and their families. More than 1,000 non-medical masks were made by employees and friends of the local Lebenshilfe association. Handmade and with elastics from Jumbo-Textil.

Patrick Kielholz, Business Development Manager with Jumbo-Textil:

“In the case of technical narrow textiles, it is important that they reliably fulfil the specific functions. Especially when health is at stake. Our elastics for respiratory protection stand for quality Made in Germany: medical and PPE textiles that people can rely on.”