Technical Textiles


Tencel Modal fibers with Indigo Color technology are awarded with the EU Ecolabel for meeting high environmental standards. © Cone Denim

18/05/2021 – Sustainability


Lenzing: Tencel Modal fiber with Indigo Color technology

The modal fiber with Indigo Color technology uses a one-step spun-dyeing process to deliver indigo color whilst using substantially fewer resources. By  Iris Schlomski

Cotton lint loss increased as a result of the unusual weather event caused by the cyclone Ianos. © Bremer Baumwollbörse

18/05/2021 – Exports affected by low production

Exports affected by low production

Greek cotton production to decline

The decline was due to lower agreage, unfavorable weather conditions during harvest, and average yields. By  Sibylle Michel

Freudenberg is now offering customers the Freudenberg Active Range of sustainable, highly elastic and breathable interlinings and tapes for all types of sportswear. © Freudenberg Performance

17/05/2021 – Sustainable, flexible and adaptive

Sustainable, flexible and adaptive

Digital Performance Days: Freudenberg will be showcasing new, innovative materials

Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel (Freudenberg) showcases two new solutions in the sports and outdoor sector at the digital Performance Days. By  Iris Schlomski

Formulations on a purely aqueous basis are the starting point for the adhesive layer of the new Topaz Elements Seam sealing tapes. © Trans-Textil GmbH

14/05/2021 – Elements Tapes on aqueous basis

Elements Tapes on aqueous basis

Trans-Textil: Flexible seam sealing with environmental claim

Topaz Elements Tapes without any organic solvents in the adhesive layer offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of fabrication and application. By  Iris Schlomski

A drop stitch fabric, sometimes referred to as a double wall fabric, is a fabric, consisting out of two fabrics, interconnected by thousands of threads. It is the base fabric for many inflatable applications, like SUP paddle boards. © Vandewiele

14/05/2021 – Woven drop stitch fabric

Woven drop stitch fabric

Vandewiele: Let the adventure begin

Vandewiele manufactures a double rapier weaving machine to produce drop stitch fabrics, called the VSi42 (Versatile Smart Innovator). By  Iris Schlomski

Imprint designs on multiple fabrics at the push of a button: Global online fashion retailer and UK supplier teaming with Kornit for adoption of efficient, low-impact direct-to-fabric digital textile printing with zero water waste and accelerated production speeds. © Kornit

14/05/2021 – Sustainable on-demand textile production

Sustainable on-demand textile production

Asos and Fashion-Enter Ltd. rely on Kornit Digital

Efficient, low-impact direct-to-fabric digital textile printing with zero water waste and accelerated production speeds. By  Iris Schlomski

We aRe SpinDye introduced in 2016 a unique and extremely resource-efficient dyeing process. By using the company's technology when dyeing textiles, water consumption is reduced by 75 percent and chemical consumption by as much as 90 percent compared with traditional water dyeing of fabric. © H&M

13/05/2021 – Focus on color and dyeing in new collaboration

Focus on color and dyeing in new collaboration

We aRe SpinDye: New collaboration

We aRe SpinDye hopes that more and more brands in the industry will pay attention to resource-efficient dyeing processes. By  Iris Schlomski