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Neil Felton, CEO Fespa: “The delayed event will now take place from 12–15 October 2021 in Amsterdam. By then, I’m confident we can bring together the most comprehensive line-up of suppliers, who will have a huge number of innovations to share. And by Autumn 2021, I believe we’ll all be readier than ever to step out of our routines and re-connect with one another in the real world.” © Fespa

02/03/2021 – In challenging times, strength lies in community

In challenging times, strength lies in community

Fespa: Greeting to the industry from Neil Felton

Neil Felton, CEO, Fespa: “A year of unexpected twists and difficult decisions lies behind us and challenged all of us in different ways.” By  Editorial staff

Polygiene ViralOff is an antimicrobial treatment added to textiles to protect the treated item itself from contamination. ViralOff does not prevent disease, but protects the finished material. © Weko

26/02/2021 – Spraying means saving

Spraying means saving

Weko: Polygiene ViralOff

Polygiene ViralOff is both a sustainability initiative and a helpful method against the current as well as future pandemics. By  Iris Schlomski

Geno/Aquafil's large fermenter tanks for creating the nylon precursor. © Genomatica

24/02/2021 – Sustainability: Sustainable Nylon-6

Sustainability: Sustainable Nylon-6

Genomatica: Bio-nylon with Aquafil

Genomatica agrees with Aquafil on a more sustainable nylon value chain to meet increasing brand demand for sustainable products. By  Iris Schlomski

Hightex 2021 International Technical Textile and Nonwovens Fair, which is scheduled to be held at Tüyap Exhibition and Convention Center from June 22 to 26, 2021, will present the latest technologies and products for nonwovens, technical and smart textiles, which have gained importance and become the focus of the whole world during the pandemic period. © Hightex

23/02/2021 – Global success of technical textiles

Global success of technical textiles

Hightex 2021: The fair will be held in June

Hightex 2021 is scheduled for June 22–26. The focus at the exhibition center in Istanbul will be on technical textiles and production technologies. By  Iris Schlomski

textile network as part of its research into the upcoming change in mobility, had the opportunity to test a number of electric cars in the power category! Test report of the EQC4 Matic by Mercedes. © Daimler

22/02/2021 – Pure pleasure

Pure pleasure

textile network reader service: The EQC 4Matic by Mercedes

Yvonne Heinen tested for textile network a number of electric cars in the power category as part of the research into the upcoming change in mobility. By  Editorial staff