Technical Textiles


Andreas Kielholz, Managing Director of JUMBO-Textil: “Solutions for the mobility of the future must be lightweight. Because every gram less of weight helps – regardless of the motor, but especially in e-mobility.” © Jumbo-Textil

14/11/2019 – For the vehicle of the future

For the vehicle of the future

Narrow textiles and textile components

Jumbo-Textil specialises in narrow textiles and textile components is the ideal solution partner for the automotive industry. By  Iris Schlomski

Hard-particle coated nonwoven applied on a wheel carrier for passenger car chassis. © Freudenberg

08/11/2019 – Innovative technology to increase the friction coefficient

Innovative technology to increase the friction coefficient

Freudenberg acquires technology from innovative startup

Expansion of technology portfolio with hard-particle coating of nonwovens to enhance the friction coefficient. By  Iris Schlomski

Uday Gill: “We celebrate our products’ performance and proudly acknowledge their sustainability with our new premium brand DEJA whose sustainable messaging will resonate with both our converters and their customers.” © Indorama

04/11/2019 – 100 Prozent rPET

100 Prozent rPET

Indorama Ventures announces the launch of DEJA

IVL’s new 100 percent rPET fibre brand DEJA is available in various forms such as recycled flake, pellet, fiber and filament for use in multiple applications. By  Iris Schlomski

The Lycra Company will be showcasing Lycra FitSense technology for swimwear for the first time at MarediModa. © 2019 The Lycra Company

31/10/2019 – Lycra Fitsense Technology

Lycra Fitsense Technology

The Lycra Company at MarediModa

The Lycra Company will be showcasing Lycra FitSense technology for swimwear for the first time at MarediModa, 5 to 7 November. By  Iris Schlomski

Roica Eco-Smart family: Smart laces by Iluna Group © Roica

30/10/2019 – Sustainability


Roica and the MarediModa in Cannes

Ultimate smart yarns stretch toward a more sustainable future through partners ranges. By  Iris Schlomski

The Vortex spinning process also has remarkable ecological advantages which as a result reduces the number of potentially harmful microfibres released into the environment. © Carrington

30/10/2019 – Sustainability in workwear

Sustainability in workwear

Carrington launches “Balance” range at A+A 2019

Carrington Textiles is set to demonstrate its commitment to achieving sustainability in workwear with the launch of its Balance range. By  Sabine Anton-Katzenbach

Lenzing offers the possibility to consumers to be able to detect the origin of the clothes they intend to buy. © Lenzing

18/10/2019 – Première Vision

Première Vision

Lenzing presents blockchain technology

Lenzing enters together with Hong Kong based Textile Genesis the age of digital traceability. By  Iris Schlomski