Technical Textiles


Fiber cross section: In the conjuagte spinning process Nanodesign, a fiber cross-section is formed by splitting the polymer flow into many individual parts. This makes it possible to design cross-sections of multi-component fibers far more precisely than with conventional processes. © Toray

07/04/2021 – Nanodesign by Toray

Nanodesign by Toray

Camifu: A textile inspired by Japanese paper

A newly developed fabric from materials technology company Toray combines the feel and texture of handmade Japanese paper with modern functionality. By  Iris Schlomski

Organic textile sector reaches a significant milestone in testing for genetically modified (GMO) cotton. © GOTS

06/04/2021 – Sustainability


GOTS: Milestone in testing for genetically modified (GMO) cotton

Recommend the use of the ISO IWA 32 protocol throughout the organic cotton value chain as the only accepted method for GMO testing. By  Iris Schlomski

The Performance Days team looks forward to working with Tengda Exhibition and envisions a 2021 full of hope and a successful first edition of Functional Textiles Shanghai by Performance Days. © Performance Days

01/04/2021 – Premiere in China

Premiere in China

Functional Textiles Shanghai by Performance Days

New trade fair for functional textiles to be launched in China in September 2021. By  Iris Schlomski

Carrington Textiles and Pincroft as part of their 130 anniversary celebrations have created a distinctive logo to mark the occasion featuring the British Union Jack to represent their proud British legacy. © Carrington Textiles

01/04/2021 – Jubilee


130 years Carrington Textiles and Pincroft

A legacy forged in fabrics: Carrington Textiles and Pincroft celebrate 130 years of UK manufacturing. By  Iris Schlomski

As a result of massive market changes, the company is planning to concentrate on manufacturing base materials for interlinings in Weinheim. © Freudenberg

31/03/2021 – Base materials, finishing, coating

Base materials, finishing, coating

Freudenberg: competence centers in Europe

Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel is planning competence centers in Europe. By  Iris Schlomski

4D Knit: The fabrics’ striking features are distinctive relief-like surface designs; the machine is based on using the double bar raschel technique. © Karl Mayer Gruppe

31/03/2021 – New design possibilities for fashion

New design possibilities for fashion

Karl Mayer: The new 4D-Knit generation

The new 4D-Knit generation of warp knitted fabrics opens up previously unknown possibilities in design and product development. by Ulrike Schlenker. By  Editorial staff

Simulation of knitting and putting on a mask. The colors provide information about the tension. The Influence of face shape and knitting tension on concern is demonstrated. © Fraunhofer ITWM

30/03/2021 – High-performance textiles, compression and sportswear

High-performance textiles, compression and sportswear

Fraunhofer ITWM: Realistic simulation of technical textiles

New software program TexMath enables simulation and optimization of textile products. An article by Annika Dreßler, Fraunhofer ITWM. By  Editorial staff