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The new polyimide fiber continues Evonik’s three-decade tradition of developing and manufacturing plastic-based high-performance fibers for the hot gas filtration market at its sites in Lenzing and Schörfling (Austria). © Evonik

01/10/2019 – A new generation of polyimide fibers

A new generation of polyimide fibers

New high-tech fibers from Evonik

The new product, brand named P84 HT, is distinguished by improved mechanical stability and flexibility at continuously high operating temperatures. By  Iris Schlomski

Avalution will present the results of its Size NorthAmerica series measurement and its latest 3D body scanner, AVAone, for the first time in Asia at CISMA in Shanghai. © Avalution

23/09/2019 – New 3D body scanner at CISMA

New 3D body scanner at CISMA

An Asian première for Avalution

Avalution and its Chinese partner Leatech will be at the CISMA in Shanghai from September 25 to 28, 2019. By  Sibylle Michel

© USDA Agricultural Projections to 2028

20/09/2019 – USDA long-term projections to 2028/29

USDA long-term projections to 2028/29

Good prospects for cotton exporters Brazil, Sub-Saharan Africa, and India

Raw cotton production is expected to continue moving to countries with favorable resource endowments and advancing production technologies. By  Sibylle Michel

© ISAC Recorder No. 1/2019/WITS, World Bank

The textile and apparel industry provide a significant source of income and employment in many countries. But in Africa, there is often still a lack of ... By  Sibylle Michel

Stoll will relocate its entire headquarter to Reutlingen-Betzingen. © Stoll

19/09/2019 – Groundbreaking ceremony

Groundbreaking ceremony

Stoll moves to Reutlingen-Betzingen

Stoll, leading manufacturer of flat knitting machinery and one of the largest Reutlingen-based companies, will relocate the company headquarters. By  Iris Schlomski

Spun dyed fibres © Kelheim Fibres

12/09/2019 – Clean Color Concept

Clean Color Concept

Märkische Faser and Kelheim Fibres are cooperating

The two German manufacturers Märkische Faser and Kelheim Fibres offer the “Clean Color Concept”, spun dyed fibres in Polyester and in Viscose. By  Sibylle Michel

Textile structures for medical implants: The ITVP has at its disposal high-performance technology, including knitting machines. © DITF

12/09/2019 – Closing the gap and avoiding the ‘valley of death’ – Part 2

Closing the gap and avoiding the ‘valley of death’ – Part 2

ITV Produktservice GmbH, Denkendorf

Most of the sixteen German textile research institutes formed research and production companies some years ago – including Denkendorf. By  Hans-Werner Oertel