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25/10/2015 – ITMA 2015 — auf Deutsch lesen

Mayer &Cie: With recycling system

On its 480 square meter, two-story stand in Milan the the long-established circular knitting machine manufacturer Mayer & Cie. (MCT) will be showcasing its latest interlock, striper, single jersey and mattress material machines.

D4 2.2 II is a high performance interlock (HPI) machine - further improved in its ability for handling fibre yarns such as cotton as well as in res...

D4 2.2 II is a high performance interlock (HPI) machine - further improved in its ability for handling fibre yarns such as cotton as well as in respect of both surface and knitted spacer fabric Photo: Mayer & Cie.


In addition, the company will be presenting a spin-knit machine, a machine that spins and knits at the same time and is to be launched at ITMA 2015.

Spinitsystems is Mayer & Cie.`s spin-knit technology. Based on this technology, Mayer & Cie. presented its prototype of a spin-knit machine at ITMA 2011 in Barcelona. Right on time for ITMA 2015, Mayer & Cie. stages a marketable and fully functional model and starts bringing the machine into the market.

A spin-knit machine combines the spinning and the circular knitting process. Single knitwear is manufactured not from yarn but from spinning mill roving. That makes the production process much shorter because ring spinning, cleaning and rewinding are no longer required.

Spinitsystems is able to process a big variety of short-cut and staple fibres. Raw materials in their pure form can also be used, such as 100 percent combed cotton or other natural and synthetic fibres. Standard blends can also be used on the spinitsystems.

Except for the spin-knit machine, all of the Mayer machines mentioned above are equipped with the Senso Blue RS needle oil recycling system developed by Mayer & Cie. That means they require significantly less fresh needle oil to run perfectly than knitting machines running on conventional systems that consume about 2.5 to three litres of oil a day on the basis of a 20-hour working day.

With the recycling system fresh oil consumption can be reduced by up to 30 per cent, depending on the machine. To make sure that the needle oil always gets to where it is needed, Mayer uses the SensoBlue process, thereby ensuring that the right places are oiled and no oil is wasted.

[ITMA 2015, hall 5 booth A111]