Supply Chain


The supply chain disruptions made it difficult for textile and apparel companies to rebound consumer demand. © Jacob Lund Photography/

Remember the pre-pandemic period when economic indicators raised hopes of a sustained growth and robust demand? The hopes were dashed after the dreaded ... By  Editorial staff

From the left: Chen Si Hellmann, Jens Wollesen, Dr Claudia Schilling and Christoph Holtkemper bid the first train from Chongqing welcome in Bremen. © Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

15/02/2022 – Transportation


Hellmann expands silk road

As of mid-January 2022 Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been operating a weekly train on the new silk road between Chongqing and Bremen. By  Sibylle Michel

ITC collaborates with IAF to boost exports of garment manufacturers. © Lnunes/

27/01/2022 – ITC Partnership with IAF

ITC Partnership with IAF

Boost exports of garment manufacturers

ITC and IAF signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support associations of garment manufacturers as well as garment apparel manufacturing companies in ... By  Editorial staff

Finished goods have been taking longer to reach their destinations as shortages of containers and outbreaks of Covid-19 have halted operations and caused delays at ports. © Travel mania/

27/01/2022 – Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Apparel supply chains under pressure

Global apparel supply chains are under pressure as prices of fibres and other textile materials rise, energy costs soar and costs of freight escalate. By  Editorial staff

EU-UK trade figures confirm: BREXIT has been a “lose-lose” deal for the textile industry. © brainwashed4you/

Latest trade data show a dramatic drop of imports and exports of textile goods between the EU and UK, with significant losses for companies on both sides. By  Editorial staff

Jürgen Eizinger, Vice President of Global Nonwovens Business, Lenzing AG, underlines: It is indeed a timely launch! © Lenzing AG/Leopold

07/01/2022 – Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Lenzing’s fiber identification system for beauty products

Lenzing launches industry’s first fiber identification system for beauty products as solution to cosmetic industry’s demand for supply chain transparency. By  Sibylle Michel

The 15. edition of the Hermes Barometer presents the findings of a telephone survey conducted among 200 logistics decision-makers in Germany. © Hermes

04/01/2022 – Green supply chain management

Green supply chain management

Only one in three companies record CO2 footprint

The number of companies documenting their CO2 footprint has increased sharply. However, for many, the road to a sustainable supply chain is still quite ... By  Sibylle Michel