Soon, mart textiles could become part of everyday life during sports: Fitness wristbands can be supplied with power via the body’s own heat. © Jo Panuwat D/

21/02/2022 – Smart textiles

Smart textiles

Power generation via body warmth

Researchers at Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology in Jena, Germany, are developing a self-sufficient energy supply based on textiles. By  Sibylle Michel

The current high energy costs undermine the transformation of the textile and clothing industry. © tr3gi/

03/02/2022 – Energy crisis

Energy crisis

High energy costs undermine crucial transformation

The current energy crisis is impacting on the competitiveness of the European textile and clothing industry and can lead to company closures. By  Editorial staff

Even though rural electrification has seen significant progress, at least 250 million people in Africa still live without electricity. © ArtushFoto/

01/12/2021 – SDG 7 – affordable and clean energy for all

SDG 7 – affordable and clean energy for all

An action agenda for Africa’s electricity sector

A new scientific article outlines how to undertake the much needed expansion and modernization of Africa’s electricity sector. The article highlights the ... By  Editorial staff

EU-27 T&C Turnover: rebased quarterly index (pre-pandemic level 2019Q4=100) © Euratex

02/11/2021 – Euratex economic survey

Euratex economic survey

New challenges after the recovery from Covid19-crisis

Euratex’ latest economic survey shows: European Textiles and Clothing (T&C) industry is coming out of the Covid19-crisis, but faces new challenges ahead. By  Editorial staff