„Mit unseren gesetzten Sommerterminen ermöglichen wir es der Branche, sich zu den für die Bestell- und Kollektionszyklen richtigen Zeitpunkten an einem international hervorragend zu erreichenden Ort zu treffen“, so Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director Munich Fabric Start. © 2023 Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH

25/10/2023 – Sommertermine 2024

Sommertermine 2024

Munich Fabric Start, Bluezone & View

Die Sommerausgaben der Munich Fabric Start sowie der Bluezone finden im Sommer 2024 in der ersten Septemberwoche statt. Die Munich Fabric Start auf zwei ...

On a total exhibition area of around 42,500 sqm, more than 1,300 collections from around 900 international suppliers of the textile and apparel industry were shown. © Munich Fabric Start

31/01/2023 – Trade fairs

Trade fairs

Munich Fabric Start gives a new impetus to the industry

At the winter edition of Munich Fabric Start, the predominant topics were material and colour trends for Spring/Summer 2024 as well as efficiency and ... By  Sibylle Michel

With 900 international exhibitors on a total area of around 42,500 sqm, the Munich Fabric Start is strongly booked. © Munich Fabric Start

16/01/2023 – Trade fairs

Trade fairs

Sustainability and digitalisation at Munich Fabric Start

The international fabric trade show Munich Fabric Start is initiating a combined area for sustainability and digitalisation in the centre of the show in ... By  Sibylle Michel

The Munich Fabric Start GmbH is moving up the dates for its international fabric trade shows from Summer 2023. © Munich Fabric Start

22/11/2022 – Trade fairs

Trade fairs

Munich Fabric Start’s summer edition begins earlier

From 2023, the summer editions of Munich Fabric Start, Bluezone, Keyhouse and The Source will take place in the second half of July. By  Sibylle Michel

Impressions of the 50th edition of the Munich Fabric Start in Munich. © Munich Fabric Start

07/09/2022 – Munich Fabric Start

Munich Fabric Start

The Munich Fabric Start has delivered

The 50th edition of Munich Fabric Start marks a milestone: bigger than ever and back with full traction. By  Anja Menzel

The new area The Source in Hall 8 was fully booked after just a few weeks. © Munich Fabric Start

24/08/2022 – Trade fairs

Trade fairs

Far Furore at Munich Fabric Start

Munich Fabric Start, from 30 August to 1 September 2022, is moving forward with progressive content, innovative formats and new areas and partnerships. By  Sibylle Michel

No Bluezone in May, but the organizer has big visions for the upcoming Munich Fabric Start and Bluezone in August. © Munich Fabric Start

25/02/2022 – Trade fairs

Trade fairs

BLUEZONE in May does not take place

Due to an oversupply of denim trade shows at the same time frame, Bluezone will be rescheduled and will not take place May 3–4, 2022 as previously scheduled. By  Sibylle Michel