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Jowatherm-Reaktant GROW 631.20 – the first certified bio-based reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive for textile laminating. © Jowat

16/02/2021 – Sustainable textile lamination

Sustainable textile lamination

Jowat: Bio-based reactive PUR hot melt adhesive

Jowatherm-Reaktant Grow 631.20 is the first certified bio-based reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive for textile laminating. By  Iris Schlomski

PrimaLoft engineers have found a way to integrate aerogel material into the fibers, allowing PrimaLoft to develop apparel insulation that withstands the extreme challenges of outdoor garments. © PrimaLoft

03/02/2021 – Focus on sustainability

Focus on sustainability

PrimaLoft expands its high-performance PrimaLoft Cross Core series

PrimaLoft expands the use of its high performance PrimaLoft Cross Core technology with increased emphasis on sustainability. By  Iris Schlomski

Cindy McNaull, Business Development Director Cordura: “We are excited to provide a customer-first experience that focuses on meeting the ever-growing digital needs of today’s designers. Countless fabric options lead to countless opportunities to build innovative new products and design with purpose.” © Invista

26/01/2021 – Digital Fabric Library

Digital Fabric Library

Invista: Cordura builds partner community

Cordura brand’s new Fabric Finder is set to increase accessibility to their brand fabrics whilst building a digital fabric partner community. By  Iris Schlomski

Polygiene ViralOff is an antimicrobial treatment added to textiles and other products to protect the treated article from contamination. © Polygiene

20/01/2021 – Antiviral materials – the new normal

Antiviral materials – the new normal

Corona: Polygiene launching improved ViralOff technology

Longer lasting products, which reduce impact on the environment. The new formula is being applied by a number of partners and is ready for high volume ... By  Iris Schlomski

Successful lateral move of a filter expert. The aim of the company is now to distribute FFP2 masks in the future. © F.O.S.

19/01/2021 – FFP2 certification is in planning

FFP2 certification is in planning

F.O.S. expands mask production

Initially dismissed, today it’s a high-quality product in serial production: F.O.S. expands mask production. Successful lateral move of a filter expert. By  Iris Schlomski

Livipro Community Masks from the Swiss company Universal Reusable Packaging GmbH (UNREPA) are now available. © Universal Reusable Packaging

18/01/2021 – Livipro protective mask

Livipro protective mask

Testex: Livipro protective mask achieved Testex Community Mask label

The Livipro Community Mask from Universal Reusable Packaging GmbH (UNREPA) has successfully passed the tests for the Testex Community Mask label. By  Iris Schlomski

At the start of the year, the Oeko-Tex Association as usual updates the applicable test criteria, limit values and requirements for its range of certifications and labels. All new regulations will finally come into force after a transition period on 1 April 2021. © Ben Read/stock.adobe.com

05/01/2021 – With more transparency into a more sustainable future

With more transparency into a more sustainable future

Oeko-Tex new regulations 2021

Oeko-Tex is committed to responsible action by companies and consumers in the textile and leather world. By  Iris Schlomski