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Half entrepreneur, half scientist: the start-up founders Stefan Plüss and Dr. Roland Zemp © Sensomative

26/11/2019 – Founders push textile sensors

Founders push textile sensors

Sensomative offers smart solutions

The two-man operation Sensomative uses textile sensor technology and pattern recognition to transform passive objects into intelligent systems. By  Hans-Werner Oertel

Andreas Kielholz, Managing Director of JUMBO-Textil: “Solutions for the mobility of the future must be lightweight. Because every gram less of weight helps – regardless of the motor, but especially in e-mobility.” © Jumbo-Textil

14/11/2019 – For the vehicle of the future

For the vehicle of the future

Narrow textiles and textile components

Jumbo-Textil specialises in narrow textiles and textile components is the ideal solution partner for the automotive industry. By  Iris Schlomski

The Vortex spinning process also has remarkable ecological advantages which as a result reduces the number of potentially harmful microfibres released into the environment. © Carrington

30/10/2019 – Sustainability in workwear

Sustainability in workwear

Carrington launches “Balance” range at A+A 2019

Carrington Textiles is set to demonstrate its commitment to achieving sustainability in workwear with the launch of its Balance range. By  Sabine Anton-Katzenbach

Evolution St. Louis announced it has hired Bruce Goldman as its first director of operations. © Evolution St Louis

04/10/2019 – Bruce Goldman

Bruce Goldman

Evolution St Louis getting expertise on board

Evolution St. Louis announced it has hired Bruce Goldman as its first director of operations. By  Iris Schlomski

Jersey by Tintex Textiles made with GRS certified Newlife and GOTS certified organic cotton. © Tintex Textiles

04/09/2019 – Leading through Innovation

Leading through Innovation

Colorau Natural Dye

Tintex is a unique fabric expert in materials and processes, and is introducing new levels of service to the market. By  Iris Schlomski

Sustainability and a handful of trump cards! In an exclusive interview with textile network, Tomas Vucurevic gives several tips for improving ingredient branding. © lovelyday12/stock.adobe.com

28/08/2019 – Sustainable, great product, what now?

Sustainable, great product, what now?

Tips for successful branding from Braind

Braind has identified five key points that can be important for suppliers of sustainable materials or technologies. By  Iris Schlomski

The user learns that Freudenberg Performance Materials is a pioneer in the recycling of PET bottles and is currently one of the largest recyclers in Europe with the recycling of 7 m PET bottles a day. © Freudenberg Performance Materials

26/08/2019 – Sustainability campaign

Sustainability campaign

Freudenberg Performance Materials askes: Did you know...?

Did you know...? Freudenberg Performance Materials launches sustainability campaign. By  Iris Schlomski