The Wear It Innovation Show gave 13 Startups the chance to pitch tech products and service solutions for different industries, from head-mounted cameras, to body armour and a smart diaper, in front of the Grand Jury. © Wear It Berlin/Michael Wittig

09/07/2019 – Wear It Innovation Summit

Wear It Innovation Summit

A must visit for all wearable tech stakeholders

More than 600 participants attended the 6th Wear It Innovation Summit in Berlin, Europe’s leading platform for professionals in the wearable tech industry. ... By  Editorial staff

„Wir wollen aus einer textilelektrischen Nische heraus mit Sensorik und Künstlicher Intelligenz im T-Shirt prophylaktisch Einfluss auf die Körperwahrnehmung der Träger nehmen.“ © equil

17/06/2019 – In eigener Sache

In eigener Sache

Rückblick unserer Branche – KW 24

Hier stellen wir die Top-Artikel aus unseren Rubriken vor. Der meistgelesene Beitrag in der KW 24 kommt aus der Rubrik „Fashion“. By  Editorial staff

“Emerging from a textile-electrical niche, we want to use sensors and artificial intelligence in a T-shirt to positively influence people’s body awareness and in doing so, prevent physical discomfort.” © equil

11/06/2019 – Startup: equil

Startup: equil

Stiff neck? A problem of the past

The Ulm-based startup equil wants to take care of the widespread disease of shoulder and neck tension – with a smart textile T-shirt. By  Hans-Werner Oertel

Power-saw protection with a new textile cut-resistant boot © Oertel

06/06/2019 – Textile networks

Textile networks

Zooming in on ZIM

Innovation is booming in the field of textiles, as is apparent from the funding statistics from Germany’s Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM). By  Hans-Werner Oertel

© ZyseMe

21/05/2019 – Wear it Festival

Wear it Festival

Do it like H&M Lab Germany

Meet the most innovative Startups at Wear It Innovation Summit! A promising partnership started during the startup show last year... By  Editorial staff

Wear It Innovation Summit, Europe’s most revolutionary wearable & tech event for cross-industry innovation is happening for the 6th time in a new format. © Wear It Berlin / Michael Wittig, Berlin

24/04/2019 – Wear it

Wear it


Wear It Innovation Summit, taking place on June 25 to 26 in Kulturbrauerei Berlin. By  Editorial staff

© Wear It Berlin/Michael Wittig, Berlin

15/04/2019 – Wear It Innovation Summit

Wear It Innovation Summit

These innovation topics change the wearable industry

In less than three months, the 6th Wear It Innovation Summit takes place. The topics that influence the wearable industry the most and provide the structure ... By  Editorial staff