© Wolfgang Schmidt

15/08/2017 – 7th mtex+2018

7th mtex+2018

Discover Chemnitz (new)!

International Exhibition for Technical Textiles on 29-30 May 2018 in Chemnitz, Germany: Compact, intensive, effective and international. By  Iris Schlomski

Fair impressions Maroc in Mode und Maroc Sourcing © Jandali Mode.Medien.Messen

12/08/2017 – Marokko


15. Maroc in Mode - Maroc Sourcing

Maroc in Mode/Maroc Sourcing, October 26th and 27th, 2017 in Marrakech: 175 exhibitors and 1,500 expert visitors from Europe, Africa, and America are ... By  Iris Schlomski

Fabrics and designs are cut and repaired, destroyed and re-arranged - Embroidery with Puffy © Gunold

11/08/2017 – Trends Winter 2018/19: Gunold

Trends Winter 2018/19: Gunold

Gunold: Trends in Embroidery for Winter 2018/19

Fabrics and designs are cut and repaired, destroyed and re-arranged, torn to pieces and re-composed using the patchwork technique. By  Iris Schlomski

Nonwovens set the (acoustics-) tone: Sandler successful at Techtextil 2017 © Sandler

10/08/2017 – Techtextil 2017: Sandler

Techtextil 2017: Sandler

Sandler successful at Techtextil 2017

A quiet working environment even with an open room layout? Yes, made possible by acoustically efficient Sandler nonwovens. By  Iris Schlomski

Danger for maritime fauna: washed-up nets and ropes that are decomposed by the sun and then return to the sea. An IGF project at STFI Chemnitz is now researching possible microplastic emissions from technical textiles © Innomedia

10/08/2017 – IGF – Springboard for innovation

IGF – Springboard for innovation

IGF: Pre-competitive opportunities

Do you have an idea what the abbreviation IGF means? That Industrial Collective Research is providing innovative stimuli for developments! By  Iris Schlomski

View of the Gunold booth Texprocess 2017 © Gunold

09/08/2017 – Gunold - Texprocess 2017

Gunold - Texprocess 2017

The best Texprocess ever!

International atmosphere, many new customers. Gunold GmbH is very enthusiastic about the outcome of this year's trade fair participation at Texprocess ... By  Iris Schlomski

“Cinema is the essence from which dreams are made!” (Charlie Chaplin) © pixabay

09/08/2017 – Milano Unica

Milano Unica

Fashion meets Cinema

The 25th edition of Milano Unica takes its visitors on a magical journey through the imaginative world of film, artistic aesthetics and sensuous reflection. By  Iris Schlomski