Since 1935, Sanitized develops technologies for antimicrobial treatments. © Sanitized

10/08/2021 – Mask wear trial test

Mask wear trial test

Antimicrobial treatment with Sanitized

In order to test the effectiveness of the Sanitized hygiene function, an internal mask wear trial test was initiated on reusable textile masks. By  Sibylle Michel

Michal and Ania Laskowski, owners of CottonBee in Poland © Mimaki

10/08/2021 – The impact of Corona – An interview

The impact of Corona – An interview

Change in digital textile printing

How has the sudden and forced shift in consumer behaviour due to Covid-19 affected the wide variety of businesses within the textile printing industry? By  Editorial staff

WarpMasterPlus - The system has been newly developed from the ground up. © Groz-Beckert

09/08/2021 – Innovation in weaving preparation

Innovation in weaving preparation

The new generation WarpMasterPlus

Recently, Groz-Beckert expanded its product portfolio for Weaving preparation with a new drawing-in machine: the WarpMasterPlus. By  Sibylle Michel

The Autumn Editions of Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics, Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles and Yarn Expo will be rescheduled to 9 – 11 October 2021. © Messe Frankfurt

09/08/2021 – Intertextile Shanghai and Yarn Expo

Intertextile Shanghai and Yarn Expo

Autumn Editions rescheduled to October

In light of recent Covid-19 cases in China, Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics, Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles and Yarn Expo will be rescheduled ... By  Sibylle Michel

kemafiled hollow filaments © STFI

06/08/2021 – Self-healing with bioceramic

Self-healing with bioceramic

Implants for bone defects

In this research project, scientists look at the use of ceramic hollow filaments as a filling and build-up substance for bone defects. By  Sibylle Michel

Siegried Winkelbeiner (right) und Joachim Kath (left) –The two CEOs know one another well from their previous work and from joint international projects at Ciba-Geigy and BASF. © Schoeller Textil

05/08/2021 – Change in leadership

Change in leadership

New CEO at Schoeller Textil

In July 2021, Joachim Kath has taken over as CEO. Following a 10-year career, Siegfried Winkelbeiner has moved into retirement. By  Sibylle Michel

Industrially produced pineapple fibre is a new, sustainable material for the global fashion industry. © CSI

03/08/2021 – Sustainable feedstock from Bangladesh

Sustainable feedstock from Bangladesh

Industrial pineapple fibre production

Pineapple fibers are a by-product of pineapple farming and have so far ended up in waste. Yet they have enormous potential for use in sustainable fashion. By  Sibylle Michel