Imprint designs on multiple fabrics at the push of a button: Global online fashion retailer and UK supplier teaming with Kornit for adoption of efficient, low-impact direct-to-fabric digital textile printing with zero water waste and accelerated production speeds. © Kornit

14/05/2021 – Sustainable on-demand textile production

Sustainable on-demand textile production

Asos and Fashion-Enter Ltd. rely on Kornit Digital

Efficient, low-impact direct-to-fabric digital textile printing with zero water waste and accelerated production speeds. By  Iris Schlomski

We aRe SpinDye introduced in 2016 a unique and extremely resource-efficient dyeing process. By using the company's technology when dyeing textiles, water consumption is reduced by 75 percent and chemical consumption by as much as 90 percent compared with traditional water dyeing of fabric. © H&M

13/05/2021 – Focus on color and dyeing in new collaboration

Focus on color and dyeing in new collaboration

We aRe SpinDye: New collaboration

We aRe SpinDye hopes that more and more brands in the industry will pay attention to resource-efficient dyeing processes. By  Iris Schlomski

The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service post in Cairo forecasts market year 2021/22 cotton area harvested to increase by seven percent to 70,000 hectares, from 65,000 hectares in season 2020/21. © Bremer Baumwollbörse

12/05/2021 – Losses from 2020/21 season made up

Losses from 2020/21 season made up

Egypt: Increasing cotton production 2021/22

 Post attributes the increase to higher area harvested and containment of the white fly infestation that caused losses in 2020/21. By  Sibylle Michel

Worldwide certification to Global Recycled Standard for Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel. © Freudenberg Performance

12/05/2021 – Global Recycled Standard

Global Recycled Standard

Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel is worldwide certified

Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel (Freudenberg) has completed the worldwide certification process to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). By  Iris Schlomski

A milestone: the Wear2Wear consortium has succeeded in producing an rEvolution hybrid jacket made from used textiles and recycled PET bottles. At the end of its lifetime, it can be completely recycled into high-quality functional textiles. © Carl Weiske

11/05/2021 – Circular economy

Circular economy

Carl Weiske: The rEvolution hybrid jacket

Carl Weiske takes on the task of building a recycling network to recycle used textiles from a wide range of industries into high-quality yarns. By  Iris Schlomski

Precision in production. © Mayer & Cie

11/05/2021 – Advert


Technical Textiles, Circular-Knitted, Please!

Circular-knitted fabric is versatile, both in classical and in technical textile uses. Circular-knitted technical textiles are used, for example, as a ... By  Editorial staff

Purity material and recyclable: Two polyester yarns were processed into a dense fabric on a high-performance HKS 3-M tricot machine in gauge E 32. © Karl Mayer Gruppe

11/05/2021 – Elastic yet still recyclable

Elastic yet still recyclable

Karl Mayer: Polyester-based tricot fabric with elasticity

Many clothing textiles consist of fibre or yarn mixtures that cannot be separated for the treatment process or only be separated with great difficulty. By  Iris Schlomski