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29/09/2023 – Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Supply Chain

Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Supply Chain

The Critical Value of Data Quality and the Role of Digital Forwarders

The supply chain in the fashion industry is undergoing a redesign. At the heart of this change is artificial intelligence (AI), which holds tremendous ... Stefan Böhler

Lightweight, strong, sustainable: flax tape made by vombaur. © vombaur

27/09/2023 – vombaur


The eco-friendly game changer

The combination of high strength and rigidity with sustainability and a neutral carbon footprint makes flax the ideal raw material for natural fibre-reinforced ... By  Christine Heywood

Joint “luminescent mission” of Alpine and FiberTrace to excel in the fashion industry. © FibreTrace

27/09/2023 – Alpine Group/FibreTrace

Alpine Group/FibreTrace

Partnership to make fashion fit for the future

Alpine Group, a global textile innovation and apparel manufacturing group, and FibreTrace, a traceability solutions provider have announced their partnership, ... By  Christine Heywood

The 62nd Dornbirn GFC (Global Fiber Congress) is also available digitally. © Dornbirn

27/09/2023 – Dornbirn GFC

Dornbirn GFC

Fiber innovation goes digital – and the winner are ...

The Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress (GFC) 2023 offers an online-on-demand version (18th – 30th September, 2023) to accommodate a broader audience. During ... By  Christine Heywood
Meist gelesen textile network EN KW 38

"It is crystal clear we need to progress to digital labelling for apparel and footwear. The global environment needs it, the industry wants it, and consumers are expecting it,” said IAF Secretary General Matthijs Crietee. © yavdat /

At this point, we present the five most read articles of the past week. The ranking is based on your click behavior on the website. By  Sven Ramer

Stäubli with distinguished guests (left to right): Dr. Yanhong Zhao (Deputy Secretary-General, China Photovoltaic Industry Association Photovoltaic Building Committee), Zhenhui Zhang (Managing Director of Stäubli Hangzhou), Istvan Kocsis (Deputy Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai), Yanjun Shen (Mayor of Hangzhou Qiantang District), Gerald Vogt (CEO of Stäubli Group), Patrick Iltis (CTO of Stäubli Group), Ping Gu (President of China Textile Machinery Association), Guojuan Liu (Member of the Standing Committee of Hangzhou Qiantang District) © Stäubli

22/09/2023 – Stäubli International

Stäubli International

Hangzhou expansion: Stäubli opens new industrial park

Stäubli, a global leader in industrial and mechatronic solutions, officially inaugurated the Yinhai R&D and intelligent manufacturing base only a few minutes ... By  Christine Heywood

“You don't even have to come up with buttons for quadriplegics.” – The critical feedback from the wheelchair users is valuable for the students' work. © Schweizer Paraplegiker-Stiftung Joel Najer / Sabrina Kohler

21/09/2023 – Adaptive Fashion

Adaptive Fashion

It must fit when sitting

For people in wheelchairs, there is only a small range of stylish and comfortable fashion. Functional clothing often lacks style. And beautiful attire ... By  Anna Ugrica