Anke Vollenbröker, Director Marketing & Business Development Trevira: "After the vacation time in September we are expecting more orders again." © Trevira

24/07/2020 – Factory Guben

Factory Guben

Trevira Production restarted

According to Trevira GmbH, the production at the factory in Guben has been restarted after a three weeks break. By  Ilona Schulz

Heimtextil 2021 once again expects numerous international visitors. © Pietro Sutera, Messe Frankfurt

24/07/2020 – Initial impetus for the restart of business

Initial impetus for the restart of business

The industry is relying on Heimtextil 2021

Leading representatives from the home textiles industry view the upcoming Heimtextil (12-15 January 2021) as a decisive for future business activities. By  Ilona Schulz

Bob Chin and Christoph Bergmann explain in the video how American companies deal with the topic of color innovations. © FACT screenshot

22/07/2020 – FACT - FAshion Community Talk

FACT - FAshion Community Talk

Topic: Color Design & Development Monitoring

Digital color design has long been one of the exciting opportunities of digitalization for the fashion industry. Now, in times of the corona crisis, every ... By  Editorial staff


21/07/2020 – US cotton with more confidence

US cotton with more confidence

U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol

The Trust Protocol brings quantifiable and verifiable goals and measurements to responsible cotton production. By  Editorial staff

The louder a noise is, the more people perceive it as an unpleasant noise. © weyo-

16/07/2020 – What is noise?

What is noise?

Pssst… Nonwovens for acoustic applications

How noises can be effectively counteracted with nonwovens – an article by Groz-Beckert. By  Editorial staff

Mode, die eine Patina entwickelt, von Flora Sophie Taubner und Lars Dittrich. 1. Preis FASH 2016, Studenten. © Franco P Tettamanti

20/07/2020 – Part 3: Pulling together

Part 3: Pulling together

The Future of Fashion: How can we give Fair Fashion a different value?

"We need to pulling together. It’s really important for everyone to take many small steps." Joachim Schirrmacher By  Iris Schlomski

Claire Greidanus – Model: Clair e Greidanus; Coat by Claire Greidanus, Scarf by Hannes R oether; Location: Eiffel Tower, Paris. © Jakob Tillmann, Award Winner FASH 2019

17/07/2020 – Part 2: Structures matter!

Part 2: Structures matter!

The Future of Fashion 2: Research and development in fashion

“We’ve been trying for more than 20 years to tackle problems. Bringing together design, communication and distribution.” Joachim Schirrmacher  By  Iris Schlomski