EUTI offers a single contact point for Ukrainian companies who seek support and cooperation with EU counterparts, and vice versa. © Negro Elkha/

Euratex has launched its EU-Ukraine Textile Initiative, which aims at facilitating cooperation between European and Ukrainian textile and apparel companies. By  Editorial staff

Nike, H&M, Gucci are already investing heavily in consolidating their brands in this virtual world. © Tiendo

09/05/2022 – Metaverse in fashion

Metaverse in fashion

A new way to connect with consumers?

The word ‘Metaverse’ has been on everyone’s lips since Facebook rebranded itself as Meta and thus positioned itself as a major player in the new virtual ... By  Editorial staff

For 30 years, Knopf Budke has been producing sustainable buttons from natural materials. © Knopf Budke

06/05/2022 – Buttons


Vegan and GOTS certified

Knopf Budke is the world’s first manufacturer of GOTS approved buttons as well as the world’s first supplier of vegan and vegan dyed buttons. By  Sibylle Michel

The start-up’s founding purpose: to counter the increasing returns problem of up to 50% in online clothing retailing with a multitrack approach. © Presize

05/05/2022 – Reality check for virtual dressing

Reality check for virtual dressing

Mega deal: Presize start-up owned by Meta now

April 18, 2022, the Facebook Corporation Meta Platform Inc. announced the 100% takeover of Munich-based startup Presize – an article by Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh. By  Editorial staff

“There will be massive competition for more traditional fashion players who didn’t scale their e-commerce business,” predicted Stanford graduate Leon Szeli in Presize founding year 2019. © Presize

05/05/2022 – Body-scanning software

Body-scanning software

Let’s talk: Interview with Leon Szeli from Presize

Facebook Corporation Meta Platform Inc. announced the takeover of Presize. textile network correspondent Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh met with Presize CEO, Leon ... By  Editorial staff

Managing Editor Sibylle Michel (on the left) together with Nicole Bösch, Head of Marketing and Communication at Getzner Textil © Meisenbach Verlag

04/05/2022 – Gallery


Impressions from the Performance Days

textile network was live on site at the Performance Days at the end of April. In our picture gallery we show some impressions from the fair in Munich. By  Editorial staff

More than 50 speakers will participate, as well as 20 green growth technology exhibitors, with 20 countries represented. © Bangladesh Apparel Exchange

This year’s Sustainable Apparel Forum (SAF) on May 10, 2022, aims to establish Bangladesh as the world’s most responsible apparel sourcing destination. By  Editorial staff