Textile production for fashion brands: Bangladesh is the world’s second largest fashion producer after China. © Anna Auza / unsplash

01/04/2020 – Delayed deliveries of textiles from Bangladesh

Delayed deliveries of textiles from Bangladesh

Corona-crisis: Production and transport delays are only just beginning

The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic are increasingly affecting the supply chains of the fashion industry between Asia and Germany. By  Iris Schlomski

© Mathias Ulrichs/Bremer Baumwollbörse

31/03/2020 – Investment in cotton quality pays off

Investment in cotton quality pays off

Argentina becomes competitive

The last season is the third best performance in terms of production of the last 20 years in Agentina. By  Sibylle Michel

Denim Expert Limited closed for 11 days from 25th March to 04th April for the safety of its workers and employees from the Coronavirus outbreak. Mostafiz Uddin will pay full salaries to his workers and employees for this period. © Denim Expert Ltd

Bangladeshi supplier offers production capacity to produce face masks and PPE on non-profit basis. By  Editorial staff

Modusintarsia is already successfully producing chiengora with the help of hundreds of four-legged friends and their owners. © Modusintarsia

30/03/2020 – Sustainability – with a twist

Sustainability – with a twist

Modus Intarsia: Going to the dogs

Rethinking the sourcing of naturally occurring raw materials, Modus Intarsia works with a resource which is plentiful in Europe. By  Iris Schlomski

Smart textile applications for workwear © Lunative

30/03/2020 – When the “second skin” goes electronic

When the “second skin” goes electronic

How are smart textiles actually developed?

Although it is still pie in the sky, the next decade will see key smartphone functions integrated in people’s second skin. An interview with Lunative. By  Hans-Werner Oertel

While many clothing brands and retailers are focusing on their own survival in these difficult times, they must also heed the financial strain on the factories and workers who produce their clothes. Collaboration, cooperation and strategic partnerships have been rallying calls across the industry in recent years, and they’re needed now more than ever before. © kate/

30/03/2020 – Corona-crisis


Global-Data: clothing supply chains under stress

What began in China is now causing chaos throughout the entire supply chain. The interruption of clothing deliveries is affecting the whole world. By  Iris Schlomski

The know-how acquired from over 50 years experience and the professionalism of the collaborators enabled Klopman to produce a range of masks in record time, completely made in Italy, with superior performance compared to the disposable ones widely used today in hospitals. © Klopman

27/03/2020 – Corona-crisis


Klopman produces 700,000 protective masks per month

The European leader in workwear fabrics will produce fabric masks that are washable and reusable up to 50 times. By  Editorial staff