Man muss auch in der Krise zu seinen Grundwerten stehen – selbst wenn’s teuer wird. Interview mit Peter Schöffel. © Xing Newsletter screenshot

13/11/2020 – Empfehlung der Redaktion

Empfehlung der Redaktion

Xing Zukunft.machen: Ein Interview mit Peter Schöffel über die Krise

Roman Heflik, Xing sprach mit Peter Schöffel über den partnerschaftlichen Umgang mit Lieferanten und Kunden in Krisenzeiten. Quelle: Xing Newsletter By  Editorial staff

Mit der innovativen Spinntechnologie Triwitex ist alles möglich! Auch die Kombination Wolle/Polyamid. © Peppermint

14/09/2020 – Neue Spinntechnologie Triwitex

Neue Spinntechnologie Triwitex

Peppermint: Neue Technologie ist ein Alleskönner

Interview mit Steffen Lüdemann, seit 2018 Head of Innovation & Technology bei Peppermint, über die Vorzüge des innovativen Spinnverfahrens Triwitex. By  Editorial staff

Small particles, called microplastics, are emitted during washing processes and can enter sewage plants, sludge and surface water and therefore the oceans, where they damage important habitats such as coral reefs. © vlad61_61/stock.adobe.com

30/01/2020 – Lower microplastic pollution during washing

Lower microplastic pollution during washing

Niederrhein University presents preliminary findings

With the aid of a washing and filtering lab on campus, Niederrhein University is working to determine how washing behaviour influences the emission of ... By  Editorial staff

© Cifra

29/01/2020 – Innovative concept collection

Innovative concept collection

Cifra returns to Milano Unica

Cifra presents at Milano Unica an innovative collection of urban jackets, made with the patented Warp Seamless Knit technique in sustainable yarns. By  Editorial staff

Tentree plant ten trees for every product sold in countries all around the globe. © tentree

24/12/2019 – Many trees planted tentree

Many trees planted tentree

Ten trees for every product sold

Tentree, which was founded in 2006, has so far planted around 35 million trees worldwide to keep their brand promise. By  Editorial staff

The guiding thread for the new “Winterstorm” collection is the use of nuanced colours and ‘ice-like’ effects, reminding us of winter landscape and climates. © Riri Group

10/09/2019 – A journey through the winter

A journey through the winter

Riri Group presents the new collection

Ice, style and performance: These are the keywords which describe the new eclectic creations “Winterstorm” by the Riri Group for the Fall/Winter season ... By  Editorial staff

© DetSadFoto.ru/Oksana Volina/stock.adobe.com

14/08/2019 – Textile chemistry and then what?

Textile chemistry and then what?

Sustainability with Kreussler Textile Care

When we hear the word “textile chemistry”, we often think of the chemicals used in the production of textiles. But they also have an important role to ... By  Editorial staff