Although widely common in Canada, milkweed and its virtues remain rather unknown. © Vegeto

17/03/2022 – Outdoor clothing

Outdoor clothing

Insulation material made of milkweed

Vegeto, a Canadian leader in the sustainable production and processing of plant textile fibres, has launched a high performance milkweed insulation material. By  Editorial staff

The practical zip-off function of the Farley Stretch ZO T-Zip Pants allows you to turn them into shorts in a breeze. © Vaude

14/03/2022 – Vaude Summer 2022 Collection

Vaude Summer 2022 Collection

Pants from used tires

Thanks to a cooperation with BASF, Vaude is presenting a global first for the outdoor industry: trekking pants made using polyamide from recycled tires. By  Sibylle Michel

Ecodown Fibers are setting a new standard in their category and are designed to provide superior loft, warmth and recovery, thanks to the unique multi-shape structure. © Thermore

24/02/2022 – Outdoor clothing

Outdoor clothing

Fiber fillings for insulation in clothing

Thermore’s Ecodown Fibers Genius fiber solution is the next step towards a true down alternative. By  Sibylle Michel

With a focus to “lead and inspire towards a sustainable future”, Bergans of Norway is a brand driven by environmental responsibility. © Bergans of Norway

02/02/2022 – Sustainability


Bergans of Norway: Reuse of children’s snowsuits

Scandinavian outdoor brand, Bergans of Norway, set to implement a QR Code-based app, developed by Trimco Group, to manage the return and rental program ... By  Editorial staff

Heimische europäische Schafwolle, die lange Zeit nur auf dem Müll landete, eignet sich perfekt für die Verarbeitung zu Wollisolation. © Baur Vliesstoffe

14/01/2022 – Vliesstoffe


Woll-Wattierung für Outdoor-Bekleidung

Der Wollspezialist Baur Vliesstoffe erweitert sein Sortiment und bietet mit lavalan pure eine neuartige Wattierung aus 100% europäischer Schafschurwolle. By  Sibylle Michel

With the Jaquard Warp Knit technology from Penn Textile Solutions and the special membranes from Trans-Textil, clothing concepts can be realized that are precisely tailored to the needs of the wearer. © Trans-Textil

07/10/2021 – Waterproof membrane systems

Waterproof membrane systems

3D warp knit laminates portfolio expanded

With the partial 3D structure, Trans-Textil and Penn Textile Solutions make the breathable moisture barriers a versatile design factor. By  Sibylle Michel

Tenowo-Multiknit für Outdoorbekleidung: Bald könnten auch die Tenowo Polfaser-Vliesstoffe zum Einsatz kommen. © Tenowo

28/09/2021 – Nachhaltige Isolationsmaterialien

Nachhaltige Isolationsmaterialien

Nähwirkvliesstoffe neu denken

Tenowo ist sich der wachsenden Nachfrage nach recycelten Faserstoffen bewusst und setzt zur Fertigung von Nähwirkvliesstoffen recycelte Polyesterfasern ... By  Editorial staff