Companies consider textile recycling as the solution to solve problems associated with clothing waste. © Future Market Insights

12/09/2023 – Future Market Insights

Future Market Insights

Textile recycling as the problem solver

The textile recycling market size is projected to be worth US$ 4.8b in 2023. The market is likely to reach US$ 6.6b by 2033. The market is further expected ... By  Christine Heywood

trinamiX combines the advantages of multiple setups in a single versatile solution. Thus, customers are enabled to deploy the solution at any given location or process stage. © trinamiX GmbH

13/06/2023 – Boer Group and trinamiX

Boer Group and trinamiX

Sorting Capabilities for Textile Identification

Boer Group processes more than 400,000 kg of used textiles every day, separating them into 350 different types and qualities for re-use or recycling. By  Anna Ugrica

Sustainability is part of Thermore’s core values. © Thermore

06/06/2023 – Sustainability


Thermore’s commitment to clean oceans

Everything on our planet is connected. That is why a product designed for mountain sports can have a positive impact on our oceans. By  Anna Ugrica

At the VDMA, interested parties can find out about recycling options for textiles. © Uster Technologies

01/06/2023 – VDMA members@ITMA, Milan

VDMA members@ITMA, Milan

In the spirit of circular economy

Textile recycling technologies are one of many torrid topics at ITMA 2023. On its website, the VDMA shows which technologies its members are using in this ... By  Editorial staff

Die Kleiderbügel können auch mit individuellen Designs und Prägungen versehen werden und lassen sie so zu einem besonderen Schmuckstück werden. © Wszystkie Prawa Zastrzezone

08/05/2023 – Nachhaltigkeit


Kleiderbügel aus Textilresten von Mawa

Die Mawa GmbH nutzt ein innovatives Upcycling-Verfahren, in dem aus Altkleidern neues Material für Kleiderbügel hergestellt wird. By  Anna Ugrica

Sustainable car of the future. © Fraunhofer IAO

06/02/2023 – Circular Economy in the automotive industry

Circular Economy in the automotive industry

Tool supports the development of recyclable components

The Cyclometric tool is designed to ensure that all parts used are recyclable already during the development of automotive components. By  Sibylle Michel

The Home-Compostable Polybag Project is the third Fashion for Good polybag project following the Circular Polybag Pilot and Reusable Packaging projects. © Michael Dziedzic

17/01/2023 – Recycling


Compostable alternatives to landfill polybags

Fashion for Good has launched the Home-Compostable Polybag Project, a pilot to test alternatives to conventional single-use polybags. By  Sibylle Michel