Techtextil 2022


Michael Steidle von der Textildruckerei Mayer versteht Textilien als attraktiven Werkstoff der Zukunft. © Textildruckerei Mayer

31/05/2022 – Techtextil: Textildruckerei Mayer

Techtextil: Textildruckerei Mayer

Textilien als Werkstoff der Zukunft

Eine textile Fläche über smarte Beschichtungen mit innovativen Funktionen aufwerten – das ist die Kernkompetenz der Textildruckerei Mayer. By  Sibylle Michel

“Montex stenters provide maximum efficiency, the ultimate in flexibility and the ability to switch quickly from one fabric formula to the next,” says Monforts Textile Technologies Engineer Jonas Beisel. “The easy to use human-machine interface (HMI) makes the operation of the line much simpler and cuts down the necessary training periods, while at the same time reducing the chance of human error.” © Monforts

30/05/2022 – Techtextil: Monfort

Techtextil: Monfort

Energy savings are more important than ever

Techtextil and Heimtextil Summer Special represent a once-only opportunity for Monforts to showcase its advanced finishing and coating technologies for ... By  Editorial staff

Dilo engineers and produces high quality machines and production lines for the nonwovens industry. © Dilo

27/05/2022 – Techtextil: Dilo

Techtextil: Dilo

World of needling technology

Dilo concentrates on a completely new sector for web forming and needling which may be defined by the term “additive textile manufacturing”. By  Sibylle Michel

Trans-Textil forgoes organic solvents in breathable and waterproof Purable barrier systems. © Trans-Textil

24/05/2022 – Techtextil: Trans-Textil

Techtextil: Trans-Textil

Water-based functional layers

Trans-Textil GmbH is presenting its Purable functional systems based on aqueous technologies for the first time at Techtextil in Frankfurt am Main, June ... By  Sibylle Michel

The ORW technique is especially suitable to produce multi-axial fabrics for technical textiles. © Iprotex

20/05/2022 – Techtextil: Iprotex

Techtextil: Iprotex

ORW technology to produce multi-axial fabrics

The Open Reed Weave (ORW) technology makes it possible to feed additional threads into the weaving process using special thread guides. By  Sibylle Michel

Rivercyclon is up to 40% lighter than PVC coated alternatives. © Rivertex

16/05/2022 – Techtextil: Rivertex

Techtextil: Rivertex

Sustainable alternative to PVC coated fabrics

Rivertex Technical fabrics Group has developed Rivercyclon, a non-toxic, recyclable, lightweight and cost effective alternative to PVC coated fabrics. By  Sibylle Michel