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Digital is wow! Industry experts talked about the potential of the Microfactory in a panel discussion.© Human Solutions © Human Solutions

15/08/2018 – Microfactory - part 8

Microfactory - part 8

Digitalization live – Fashion Forum 2018 with Microfactory Knit

Industry experts talked about the potential of the Microfactory in a panel discussion, while sweaters were knitted “live.” By  Editorial staff

Welche Morphotypen und Körperform-Kombinationen haben den höchsten Marktanteil? Das neue Modul „Morphotypen“ der Human Solutions Software iSize verrät es. © Human Solutions

07/08/2018 – Human Solutions

Human Solutions

Apfel oder Birne?

Wer jetzt an weibliche Silhouetten denkt, liegt richtig. Aber auch für Männer liegen Klassifikationen für Körperformen vor. By  Iris Schlomski

Bekanntgabe der Zusammenarbeit von Assyst und X-Rite Pantone auf dem Fashion Forum 2018. Dr. Andreas Seidl, Human Solutions Group, Dr. Tobias Rausch and Dr. Francis Lamy X-Rite Europe GmbH © Human Solutions

18/07/2018 – Human Solutions

Human Solutions

Assyst and X-Rite Pantone announce cooperation

3D is a key technology for the digitalization in the apparel industry – the simulation of clothing offers a lot of opportunities. By  Iris Schlomski

Sara Yeboah, Merve Sen and Arabella Sejdija (Kerschensteinerschule) and Antje Christophersen (Niederrhein University), who accepted the award for Alla Teske © Human Solutions Gruppe

17/07/2018 – Human Solutions

Human Solutions

Fashion in 3D

Young designers show what they can do – they can do it well! By  Iris Schlomski

In 2010, the sales figures of blue knitted sweaters with a V-neck worn by the national team’s manager went through the roof - Vidya simulation © Human Solutions

14/06/2018 – Soccer World Cup 2018

Soccer World Cup 2018

A lucky charm for the German national team

Will Yogi Löw set another fashion trend at the upcoming Soccer World Cup? By  Iris Schlomski

The CMS 530 HP by Stoll - will be part of the Microfactory Knit at the Fashion Forum in Munich. The result will be an individualized Jacquard sweater produced right there for everyone to see © Stoll

05/06/2018 – Microfactory Part 7

Microfactory Part 7

Microfactory – a solution for whom?

The Microfactory concept brings the buzzword “digitalization” to life... and with a result you can touch, for example Knit for you in Berlin by Adidas. By  Iris Schlomski

Christian Kaiser © DITF Denkendorf

09/05/2018 – Microfactory part 6

Microfactory part 6

‘We want to bring production know-how back to Germany’

What opportunities does the Microfactory offer? We spoke to the coordinator of the Microfactory 4 Fashion project, Christian Kaiser, DITF Denkendorf. By  Iris Schlomski